Solving your problems

CFE Educational Consultancy provides a one stop solution for all local and foreign students, mature learners, mid-career changers, and people who learn out of interest. We offer our solutions through providing accurate information of educational and career pathways, educational and career interests assessments, personality and individual profiling tools. We also provide research solutions to help you with latest information.

We Sell Correct Information

Consulting and providing accurate advise is our main bread and better. We strive to provide the best and most useful information you can find in this messy convoluted market.

Personality Profiling

Through understanding of their individual personality profile, participants will be taken through greater personal development and maximize their talents for strengths.

Training and Workshops

Our customizable training topics and modality can be design to meet your corporate, educational or personal needs. Contact us to know more about our signature topics and more.

Strength Finder

Confused on how to do well academically or in your career? We use robust assessment and profiling tool to identify your strength and weaknesses to help you succeed.

Coaching and Advisory

Our unique coaching approach would help to maximize your innate strengths and empower your weakness and guide you to attain an independent success you deserve.

Intelligence and Aptitude Test

We provide credible IQ, EQ, aptitude, and competency tests administered by licensed psychologists with validated test batteries such as WAIS, WISC, WIAT, and more.

What Our Clients Say



Good credible service. I am impressed at the level of skills and knowledge the consultant have. From personality profiling to academic aptitude, their reports have given my daughter help.