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WSQ Social Media Video Marketing programme consisting of 4 modules specially designed to equip you with essential video production and social media knowledge which will value add to your marketing efforts to achieve your sales and marketing objectives. Time and efforts will be well spent as there are practical sessions where you will be trained to produce your own marketing videos which then can be used for your social media marketing programme.

Learning Outcome

Upon completing the 4 modules, you will be equipped with the needed skills to produce your own marketing videos (from script writing, production planning, filming to post-production) & use them effectively in various social media platforms.


Module 1 - WSQ Production Planning for Filming (2.0 days)
This unit covers the script breakdown, planning, preparation and compiling of a
production schedule for both the cast and crew to meet production needs. Module 2 - WSQ Camera Operations for Filming (2.0 days) This unit covers the knowledge and application skills of the testing and setup of the
appropriate video camera equipment as well as operating cameras to frame and
compose images according to technical specifications and production styles to
meet production needs. Types of cameras used for filming includes production
cameras, camcorders, DSLR and mobile phone cameras. Module 3 - WSQ Post-Production for Filming (2.0 days) This unit covers the importing of audio and video material into a nonlinear editing
environment, executing video edits to organise video footage in a sequence that
matches the narratives in the script. Module 4 - WSQ Manage Social Media Platforms (1.5 days) This unit covers the skills to develop social media content as well as overseeing the integration of social media platforms to support sales and marketing strategies.

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Learning Method

Blended - online via Zoom and onsite @ Ang Mo Kio.

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Career Opportunities

Social Media Professional Enterpreneur Videographer Video Editor Freelancer Online Content Developer Social Media Marketeer Marketing Manager Marketing Content Specialist

Potential Salary

$3.000 to $20,000* a month. *Depending on experience and profession.